Is this the resentful spirit of Susan Long?

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An elderly Norfolk-born woman has stepped forward to tell our team of the real-life tale of Susan Long, as well as providing images that may explain and prove her existence at this moment in time.

Susan Long was an 18-year-old girl. The night of her death is told to go as follows: she attended the Gala Ballroom where young people were often taught to dance (first the Waltz, then the Twist). She then caught a bus back to her home, where she lived with her parents. However… she didn’t make it home. A milkman found her body; she had been img 2strangled to death. A grisly tale, indeed.

The elderly woman (who didn’t wish to be named) has claimed to still feel her presence at the market place nearby where Susan’s body was found. She often feels cold on a warm day, warm on a cold day and hears sounds of struggled breathing (but only when it’s raining). A submission to this blog has also captured an image of a figure in the distance of the marketplace, in the same spot seen in this image below. Why would she be loitering there? What does she want; what does she need?

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Coincidentally, a photographer in the late 70s photographed this route which would ultimately lead Susan to her demise – only to find small smudges or camera flares on the image… or are they? Perhaps they were another paranormal phenomena: Ghost orbs.

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Ghost orbs are a phenomenon which imply the presence of a spirit; usually poltergeists. Could this be a presence of our victim?


Police baffled by paranormal sewer-buster

scene of the incident

Police admit being baffled by a series of Sewer implosions in the Colegate area of Norwich. The latest appeared in a small alleyway by Austen College. Forensics claim it would have to have been caused by a super human force trying to escape OUT of the victorian sewers.Mid_Cane_Well

Water Lane, an eerie ancient path that joins Colegate is still accessible, although locals admit that they now are wary. As you can see from the police hazard tape in the photo, it is not heavily cordoned.

As for the hole, Police are now looking into it.

CU_Cane_Well Water_Lane