Greetings Truth Seeker!

Norwich is an ancient city. Due to its base of flint and clay it was considered to be a place sensitive to strange earth energies in ancient times, echoes of which persist today. Ghosts, apparitions, strange phenomena in the sky and often events that seem to defy natural laws are prevalent, but often go unnoticed or unrecorded. UNTIL NOW.

This site is an attempt to document some of these anomalies that science cannot yet explain.

1957 file photo of a supposed flying saucer

There is evidence of the occupation of East Anglia from prehistoric times, (the remains of a neolithic henge – made in wood because of the lack of rock in the area – lies buried just south of Norwich) In his autobiographical novel Lavengro (1851), George Borrow, in describing Norwich, mentions “its mighty mound, which, if tradition speaks true, was raised by human hands to serve as a grave-heap of an old heathen king, who sits deep within it, with his sword in his hand, and his gold and silver treasures about him.” 

We asked teams of researchers from Norwich University of the Arts’ new VFX degree course to gather visual, textual and even audio evidence for the strange inexplicable phenomena that they encountered.

Little known facts:

Norwich Castle is the only archaeological site in England where parrot bones have been found during excavations.


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