Demonic Birds of Norwich


shot by terrified local

In the last week, locals in Norwich have witnessed flocks of rabid pigeons ingesting remnants of their own massacred species. Some of these “evil” pigeons have even been captured/recorded attacking the living, breathing locals as they roam the centre walks – especially around the market stalls. 57% of Norwich’s population have written complaints to the council and have even been admitted to A&E for mild to near fatal wounds obtained from these pigeons.

Environmentalist Samuel Smith comments “Never has Norwich experienced such a ravenous change in animal behaviour; I can only deduce that this is caused by survival instinct in which an animal must feast on their own to survive. Their initial food supply is scarce and they must find a sustainable substitute.


Flocks now fly in strict formations to attack

The Crudian Incident

Have you witnessed any strangely sized objects in Norwich?

You may have thought you were seeing things. At first this was thought to be a hoax, however, a disturbing truth has been revealed thanks to UEA professor, Dr Edgar Banks and his team.


Dr. Edgar Banks

Recently a substantial amount of Crudian has been disposed of into the sewers of Norwich. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, however, due to the large quantity it has begun to take an effect on the city. If you are unfamiliar with Crudian, it is a byproduct of the creation of the combination of Chromium and Iridium. The properties of the material make it incredibly problematic due to the fact that objects often absorb the matter in the way that a sponge absorbs water. Therefore, the objects that can be seen in the photographs below have increased in size due to being saturated with the Crudian. Dr Edgar Banks has announced that the material is not harmful to humans and the material with be removed from the streets of Norwich within the month. Dr Banks left us with this comment:

“Due to element compounds Crudian is able to saturate objects and other materials allowing them to expand on a molecular level. This is what is causing this phenomena. I have monitored some expanding objects and they do not seem to be growing any larger.”


Local student amazed at size of telephone box

This phone booth has grown from its original size 8ft 3 inches to 16ft 6 inches.


Norwich City Council Tower

Norwich city hall’s famous tower which is usually 63 metres tall has now grown to an astonishingly 160 metres. Inexplicably the rest of the building has retained its normal size.  


The oversized cone in Duke Street

This seemingly normal traffic cone has grown to be only slightly larger than usual, this could suggest that the larger the object, the more Crudian it absorbs.

Dr Banks has advised that if you see an object that has been effected by Crudian you call the relevant authorities so that the situation be monitored and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Sir Sebastian Dougal III


look carefully and you can see the ghost falling

edward_seymour-1In the 16th Century, Sir Sebastian Dougal III of Norwich ( a local gentry man ) was falsely executed in 1578 for stealing. At the time, thieves caught in Norwich were executed by being thrown off St. George’s church. The very same year, Norwich was ravaged by the black death due to HM Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to the county. Unbeknown to them, the noblemen that accompanied the Queen on her tour of the country spread the plague with the local town people of Norwich at a feast held at the Maids Head hotel. Later that night the city was in chaos, which gave thieves the perfect opportunity to steal. An arrogant thief,  James Williams, attempted to steal the Queen’s crown. Though unsuccessful, he ran for his life, evading the Queen’s guards that made haste after him. Unfortunately for Dougal, he was mistaken for the criminal and was promptly executed by being thrown off St. George’s church into a purge pit in which the bodies of thousands of plague victims were thrown into.


After his execution, St. George’s church tower became haunted by the ghost of Sir Sebastian Dougal III. Even 450 years later, strange events can be witnessed at the church. The most notorious event that takes place is the sighting of Dougal’s ghost being thrown off the tower and repeating itself multiple times, but disappearing before he hits the ground, as you can see from our video footage. Rumour has it that the number of times he falls, points to the number of people who will die a tragic death in Norwich each year. In addition, it has been said that you can hear the screams of the dead late at night in the streets near the church..however to this day no footage has been captured of the strange sounds.


The Moving Statues of Old Norwich


Sir Wellington and Sir Thomas Browne statues


Sir Wellington and Sir Thomas Browne statues

Norwich as we know it, is rich with stories of its past. Buildings and statues around the city act as constant reminders. Sometimes a living entity from the past seems to take control of the present, as these clips seem to show.

(Shot by Anonymous)

Is this the resentful spirit of Susan Long?

img 1

An elderly Norfolk-born woman has stepped forward to tell our team of the real-life tale of Susan Long, as well as providing images that may explain and prove her existence at this moment in time.

Susan Long was an 18-year-old girl. The night of her death is told to go as follows: she attended the Gala Ballroom where young people were often taught to dance (first the Waltz, then the Twist). She then caught a bus back to her home, where she lived with her parents. However… she didn’t make it home. A milkman found her body; she had been img 2strangled to death. A grisly tale, indeed.

The elderly woman (who didn’t wish to be named) has claimed to still feel her presence at the market place nearby where Susan’s body was found. She often feels cold on a warm day, warm on a cold day and hears sounds of struggled breathing (but only when it’s raining). A submission to this blog has also captured an image of a figure in the distance of the marketplace, in the same spot seen in this image below. Why would she be loitering there? What does she want; what does she need?

img 4

Coincidentally, a photographer in the late 70s photographed this route which would ultimately lead Susan to her demise – only to find small smudges or camera flares on the image… or are they? Perhaps they were another paranormal phenomena: Ghost orbs.

img 3

Ghost orbs are a phenomenon which imply the presence of a spirit; usually poltergeists. Could this be a presence of our victim?

Police baffled by paranormal sewer-buster

scene of the incident

Police admit being baffled by a series of Sewer implosions in the Colegate area of Norwich. The latest appeared in a small alleyway by Austen College. Forensics claim it would have to have been caused by a super human force trying to escape OUT of the victorian sewers.Mid_Cane_Well

Water Lane, an eerie ancient path that joins Colegate is still accessible, although locals admit that they now are wary. As you can see from the police hazard tape in the photo, it is not heavily cordoned.

As for the hole, Police are now looking into it.

CU_Cane_Well Water_Lane