Subterranean race discovered on Earlham Road

Shocking evidence of a subterranean race that was obviously covered up at the time. Read the article!




Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 14.30.42

Queen’s Road – September 2002 a young girl dies when crossing road in an attempt to reach for a doll located in the middle of the road. A driver couldn’t slow down quick enough and the incident resulted in the girl killed from severe head injuries.

Eye witnesses testify that the girl was indeed reaching for a doll however when the paramedics arrived there was no sign of a baby doll anywhere around the accident perimeter. The doll went missing after collision. The interesting part of the story begins when the young girl’s mother claims that she did not own a doll to the description. Where did the doll come from? What are its intentions?

All Saints Green opened in 2015, offering a new accommodation beside Queen’s Road. The students that moved in, that September, to start their studies at NUA, discover mysterious happenings associated with a baby doll. No one was able to prove or show that the doll is sinister or harmful but, when students attempted to dispose of the doll, it returned in mysterious locations such as the reception, the lift and halls on certain occasions.

Graham Sheeran, manager of All Saints Green says “At first I thought it was a prank, you know students messing about… but after the baby appearing in my office that only I have access to and was most definitely locked, I do have my doubts and agree that there is some sort unexplained activity.”

The doll reappeared every so often but disappears moments later. In the last few months the doll has appeared a number of times. Students have captured videos and pictures of the doll appearing and behaving mysteriously, even making muffled sounds of crying, which is odd seeing as the doll’s batteries have been removed.

According to photos and student’s descriptions the doll has an injury mark on the right side of it’s face which correlates exactly to the young girl’s head injuries in the report at the time.

The mother of the young girl refuses to take part in any interviews and claims that this is some sort of cruel prank. Do facts prove otherwise?

The percentage of students applying to All Saints Green has decreased by 15% since the rumours surrounding the residence have made an unprofessional impact upon the reputation of All Saints Green.

Some students however have found humour in the situation and are not intimidated by the presence of the doll and have painted a smile onto his face. These students have accepted the doll as part of their daily lives (and refer to him humorously as ‘Steve’) but are still unsettled by the mysterious phenomena.


The Man in Black Mystery

The Man in Black was one of the most notorious serial killers in the 11th Century, after killing eight people and evading justice for twenty years he was finally hung drawn and quartered in 1086. The lord of the manor, Reginald son of Ivo, sentenced him to death under manor law.

That should be the end of it, but it’s not. Since his death, the man in black has been sighted over the centuries in Norwich, from early sightings after his death at the construction of Norwich cathedral to the return of the plague in Norwich in the 17th Century.

A timeline has been compiled of his life, murders, and sightings throughout the centuries.


This is approximately when The Man in Black killed his first Victim, a sixteen-year-old girl called Alice, who worked as a hand maiden at the castle. The circumstances which led to this first kill are purely speculative but one conclusion that can be drawn is that it gave The Man in Black a thirst for it. The Body of Alice was found washed up on the banks of the river Wensum.


The Man in Blacks bloodthirst only increased, not contempt with just killing an old grave digger known as ‘Shovel’ to the locals he also killed the blacksmiths wife Asha.  The hysteria of the murders begins to build and reports siting a mysterious man wearing all in black begins to emerge. Below is an illustration of the castle in 1075 which is believed to be the first known image of The Man in Black




When the Man in Black killed his first victim he dumped the body in the river Wensum, probably because he didn’t intentionally set out to kill her. However, with the other two he cut up the body’s and then hid the parts throughout the city as to not draw the same attention as he did when disposing of the first victim. In 1076 the first body part, a female leg was uncovered.


The leg belonged to the blacksmiths wife, the discovery of the leg sent The Man in Black into hiding as he was dormant for four years. But it still wasn’t enough to permanently stop him. To his demise.

After waiting so long the drive to kill again was overwhelming and this year was his most prolific. Killing 5 people over the course of the year. A guardsman, a widow, a twelve-year-old boy and finally a knight.


His last kill was too ambitious and left him wounded, and eventually caught. The Lord of the manor, who we know as Reginald son of Ivo thanks to the domesday, sentenced The Man in Black to be hung, drawn and quartered for his crimes against the city.


St Catherine’s street spotted near the new tram



Sighted here at St Giles St. laying track from Chapel field 8th October 1933



Photograph of Guild hall during an air raid, Man in Black can be spotted on the balcony



Rupert street after a bombing during the war



in 1951 the City council decided to erect stalls on brick foundations, clear image of The Man in Black present


Mysterious man of Mischief revealed!

 Local figure of mysterious, inconvenient mishaps has been discovered, but it’s not quite as it seems…

Belongings thrown from benches. Food spilt on the ground. Drinks knocking over. But all only moved slightly from their original position; a watery trail and marks left where the object once was. Now we know why!

In March of 2017, a body of a man was found in the Wensum River in Norfolk, by a local Waitress, Mrs Samantha Cup, on her way home from work during the evening.

The body belonged to a man in his mid-sixties, by the name of David Jentson.

David, or Dave as he was known locally, was a homeless man who spent a lot of his time along the banks of the Wensum River. Setting his bedding by the water and wandering the local parks.


(An image of David’s ‘home’.)

He stayed out of the way of the locals, mainly known for taking food left behind by those visiting the park, such as chips, to feed himself for the day.

It was said that after a night of heavy drinking, Dave stumbled into the river and was pulled under by the reeds. Intoxicated and struggling, he was unable to call for help. Only to be left there to meet his untimely demise. His body discovered three weeks later.

Spoopy hand

(An image taken by a local person, who does not wish to be identified, of the part of the River in which David was found.)

In recent months since the incident, mischievous ghostly occurrences have been reported by the locals to have taken place by the park. Objects left on the benches have been pushed onto the floor or simply moved out of reach of their owners; remanence of water left behind at the scene. All thought to be done by the ghost of Mr. Jentson.

A visiting tourist from America, Miss Katie Jones, heard about the legend and decided to investigate during her time visiting the area.

She got in contact with us and we decided to ask her a few questions and see what she had to say about the incident;

“I heard about the events online and decided to see if it was the real thing for myself! I’m a firm believer in the paranormal so this was definitely something I had to check out.” She said.

David's Ghost balls

(An image submitted by Miss Katie Jones of her scene prior to the recording. )

“I set up a scene with my camera and was incredibly surprised by my findings!” She stated. “I never expected that this would be so real.”

Miss Jones showed us the video footage, and we were blown away!
Using objects, she had heard through the stories online, she set up a small arrangement for the mysterious ghostly figure of Mr. Jentson to mess with. Placing down chips and a coat on a park bench.

Miss Jones kindly gave us the footage and allowed us to upload it to show you all the ghostly occurrences around Wensum River.

Mr. David Jentson has proved himself to be more than just a mischievous ghost. Showing himself in various images. With the appearance of ghostly orbs and smudges.

Though we don’t know of his intentions in returning. We believe he is simply remaining part of the community and poses no harm to passers-by. Simply having a little fun with those that pass through his old 0home for which he will forever be a part of.


Credit: Georgia Smith, Jessica Page, Tom Saxby, Elliot Peck.

Demonic Birds of Norwich


shot by terrified local

In the last week, locals in Norwich have witnessed flocks of rabid pigeons ingesting remnants of their own massacred species. Some of these “evil” pigeons have even been captured/recorded attacking the living, breathing locals as they roam the centre walks – especially around the market stalls. 57% of Norwich’s population have written complaints to the council and have even been admitted to A&E for mild to near fatal wounds obtained from these pigeons.

Environmentalist Samuel Smith comments “Never has Norwich experienced such a ravenous change in animal behaviour; I can only deduce that this is caused by survival instinct in which an animal must feast on their own to survive. Their initial food supply is scarce and they must find a sustainable substitute.


Flocks now fly in strict formations to attack

The Crudian Incident

Have you witnessed any strangely sized objects in Norwich?

You may have thought you were seeing things. At first this was thought to be a hoax, however, a disturbing truth has been revealed thanks to UEA professor, Dr Edgar Banks and his team.


Dr. Edgar Banks

Recently a substantial amount of Crudian has been disposed of into the sewers of Norwich. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, however, due to the large quantity it has begun to take an effect on the city. If you are unfamiliar with Crudian, it is a byproduct of the creation of the combination of Chromium and Iridium. The properties of the material make it incredibly problematic due to the fact that objects often absorb the matter in the way that a sponge absorbs water. Therefore, the objects that can be seen in the photographs below have increased in size due to being saturated with the Crudian. Dr Edgar Banks has announced that the material is not harmful to humans and the material with be removed from the streets of Norwich within the month. Dr Banks left us with this comment:

“Due to element compounds Crudian is able to saturate objects and other materials allowing them to expand on a molecular level. This is what is causing this phenomena. I have monitored some expanding objects and they do not seem to be growing any larger.”


Local student amazed at size of telephone box

This phone booth has grown from its original size 8ft 3 inches to 16ft 6 inches.


Norwich City Council Tower

Norwich city hall’s famous tower which is usually 63 metres tall has now grown to an astonishingly 160 metres. Inexplicably the rest of the building has retained its normal size.  


The oversized cone in Duke Street

This seemingly normal traffic cone has grown to be only slightly larger than usual, this could suggest that the larger the object, the more Crudian it absorbs.

Dr Banks has advised that if you see an object that has been effected by Crudian you call the relevant authorities so that the situation be monitored and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Sir Sebastian Dougal III


look carefully and you can see the ghost falling

edward_seymour-1In the 16th Century, Sir Sebastian Dougal III of Norwich ( a local gentry man ) was falsely executed in 1578 for stealing. At the time, thieves caught in Norwich were executed by being thrown off St. George’s church. The very same year, Norwich was ravaged by the black death due to HM Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to the county. Unbeknown to them, the noblemen that accompanied the Queen on her tour of the country spread the plague with the local town people of Norwich at a feast held at the Maids Head hotel. Later that night the city was in chaos, which gave thieves the perfect opportunity to steal. An arrogant thief,  James Williams, attempted to steal the Queen’s crown. Though unsuccessful, he ran for his life, evading the Queen’s guards that made haste after him. Unfortunately for Dougal, he was mistaken for the criminal and was promptly executed by being thrown off St. George’s church into a purge pit in which the bodies of thousands of plague victims were thrown into.


After his execution, St. George’s church tower became haunted by the ghost of Sir Sebastian Dougal III. Even 450 years later, strange events can be witnessed at the church. The most notorious event that takes place is the sighting of Dougal’s ghost being thrown off the tower and repeating itself multiple times, but disappearing before he hits the ground, as you can see from our video footage. Rumour has it that the number of times he falls, points to the number of people who will die a tragic death in Norwich each year. In addition, it has been said that you can hear the screams of the dead late at night in the streets near the church..however to this day no footage has been captured of the strange sounds.


The Moving Statues of Old Norwich


Sir Wellington and Sir Thomas Browne statues


Sir Wellington and Sir Thomas Browne statues

Norwich as we know it, is rich with stories of its past. Buildings and statues around the city act as constant reminders. Sometimes a living entity from the past seems to take control of the present, as these clips seem to show.

(Shot by Anonymous)